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What is it?

Bacon's Grease is Rosin, which is a high quality solventless concentrate for people who want a clean, guaranteed chemical free product. We like to call it Bacon's Grease, as it typically comes in a thick, grease-like consistency.

How is it made?

Rosin is made by pressing a chosen material,  either hash, kief, or flower, in a mechanical  press with heated plates. The chosen  material for pressing is typically loaded into "rosin bags," which are fine mesh screen bags. Then the material is pressed into a brick, the press plates are pre-heated, and then the material is pressed in between the plates. The result is a beautiful, solventless/chemical free, and in our case, fully organic concentrate of premium quality.

Gold Quality

As do many people in the hash and rosin market, we like to grade our rosin to distinguish the different levels of quality it can be made in to.

Our gold quality "grease" is made with "Fresh Frozen" Bubble Hash. This means a freshly harvested plant is broken down, then immediately frozen, hence the term "Fresh Frozen." Once it is fully frozen the plant material is used to make bubble hash. When finished, the bubble hash is then pressed into rosin. This method is the absolute highest quality way of producing rosin. This is due to the fact that the plant oils haven't oxidized yet, which preserves the terpenes at their highest possible concentration. Terpenes are the essential oils that create the wonderful variety of smells and flavors in cannabis. In turn, that is why rosin made from "Fresh Frozen" Bubble Hash is the highest quality rosin that can be made, and why this rosin is deemed our Gold quality.

Silver Quality

Our silver quality "grease" is made with "dry cured" Bubble Hash and kief. Our "dry cured" bubble hash is made from plants that are freshly dried and cured. Likewise, the kief that we use for our rosin is also collected from freshly dried and cured plant material The reason this material doesn't result in the highest quality rosin is due to the fact the plant material has been allowed to dry before separating the hash and kief. Cannabis plant material is no longer alive once it has been fully dried and cured, and has also been exposed to oxygen. This drying and exposure oxidizes the plant oils, resulting in a darker colored end product and less terpenes compared to "fresh frozen" bubble hash. Additionally, this results in a less potent flavored and smelling rosin. However, since the material is freshly cured and hasn't been sitting around for long periods of time before the hash and kief are collected, the product is still strong in flavor, high in THC content, solventless, and has a good clean smoke. 

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