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Big Smooth

(OG Blueberry x Cookies & Cream)

Another strain reigning from Cookies and Cream, Big Smooth is an OG Blueberry ancestor with some heavy potential. Dominantly indica, and completely awesome, this strain will lock you to your couch. Be careful, this one is an obliterating, day-ending, gleaming example of Indica dominance. Great for ultimate sedation and stimulating the appetite.


Cream Pie

(Cherry Pie x Cookies & Cream)

From the first toke to the last, this indica dominant strain is dressed to impress. Coming from the magical Cherry Pie strain and beautiful Cookies and Cream strain, this magnificent flower is deliciously irresistible. Lavishly coated in trichomes, and emanating a pungent gassy aroma, this strain is great for relaxation and sedation, and may cause a feeling of starvation.

Cream & Sugar

(Tina x Cookies & Cream)

Load up, puff down, and check out. Cream & Sugar is a sedative, body numbing indica with many sought after qualities. The buds smell like sweet cookies dipped in a moderate amount of gasoline, and have an alluring musky sweet taste when smoked. After exhaling its silky smooth smoke, you immediately get a rush to head that settles into a full on bandana of tingling sensations all over your head. Shortly after which, you fall into an immobile and tranquil state that is accompanied with euphoria and sedation. 




(Afghan x Skunk #1)

This papaya scented Indica dominant strain descends from the classics Afghan and Skunk #1, and it is the jackpot. Encompassing the best of both worlds with a nearly 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this strain will both relieve stress and tension, and cause the giggles and munchies. Make sure to try this truly magnificent smoke!

Donny Burger

(Han Solo Burger x GMO)

This frosty flower will fill your taste buds with musky OG notes, and a slight funk of GMO. It’s flavor and high are a winning combination that will leave smokers feeling heavy relaxation, and a euphoric buzz. A great smoke for taking the edge off of a long day and letting the woes of the day fade away.

Falcon 9

(Sunset Sherbet x Tina)

Get ready to blast off on loads of sweet, gassy, and creamy flavors, and then drift in to an enlightening, body buzzing, relaxing high. In addition to an intoxicating combination of sweet yet gassy flavors, and a euphoric buzz; Falcon 9 is beautiful, high in THC, and an irresistibly smooth smoke. This strain will quickly become one of your favorites, as it has ours.

Grape Milkshake

(Purple Punch x Cookies & Cream)

Much like a bowl of sugary fruity breakfast cereal, Grape Milkshake has a sweet fragrance that carries notes of grape, and a lot of creaminess. The smell carries through to the flavor of the smoke, providing a very 

satisfying experience for your taste buds. The effects are fairly balanced. It 

lightens the mood and is quite relaxing, but is not overly couch locking. Gleaming with trichomes and expressing dark purple hues, its dense nuggets are beautiful. Much like a bowl of fruity breakfast cereal, you'll be coming back for more of its creamy delicious flavor and sweet sense of satisfaction.

LA Kush Cake

(Wedding Cake x Kush Mints)

Descending from the well-known Wedding Cake and the increasingly popular Kush Mints, LA Kush Cake brings you an epic cakey-kushy flavor explosion with desirable Indica effects. After tasting its earthy musky notes, users will be enveloped in a warm fuzzy feeling of relaxation and an uplifting high. It’s an experience any smoker will enjoy and appreciate, especially at the end of the day. 

London Pound Mints

(London Pound Cake x Kush Mints)

London Pound Mints is a phenomenal smoke that has become one of the Bacon’s Buds new shop favorites. Combining the Kush qualities of Kush Mints and the Sherbert flavors of London Pound Cake, this strain is aimed to please all lovers of strong gassy strains. Reeking and tasting of funky musk notes, this strain leaves your taste buds wanting more, and more, and more of this smoke. With the combination of a heavy euphoria, and its flavor, smoking this strain is pure bliss.

Moon Pie

(Double Burger x Lemon Lime Orange Apricot)

A unique cross of Double Burger and Lemon Lime Orange Apricot, that brings you a uniquely gassy strain, forward with a barnyard funk profile and some subtle somewhat indiscernible notes. While hard to pinpoint, the flavor of this strain is highly enjoyable on the palate. Its buzz is characterized by a heavy sleepy feeling that you almost feel immediately in your eyes. If you get a chance, you won’t regret trying this excellent example of Indica awesomeness.


(Gary Payton x Rainbow Chip)

“Wow!” Is the most common reaction people have after trying this unbelievably great cross of Gary Payton and Rainbow Chip. Reeking of strong sweet gas and notes of musk, the terps on this strain will immediately pique your interest. You will be blown away by its delectable flavor, and potent Indica effects after exhale. This strain is the definition of “Fire.” Try whenever you can, as its desirability among smokers is apparent, and leads this strain to sell out quickly. Now enough reading, go find this strain ASAP!

Triple Burger

(GMO x Double Burger)

The GMO is strong with this one. Triple Burger is a GMO backcross of the already GMO dominant Double Burger strain. Its calyxy, gasoline scented flowers are something any connoisseur will come to strongly desire. Its intense fuel aroma gives way to an equally strong gas flavor in its smoke. If you get a chance to enjoy the heavenly gassy flavor of this flower, you will find yourself floating on a cloud of Indica fueled bliss.