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indica strains

Big Smooth

(OG Blueberry x Cookies & Cream)

Another strain reigning from Cookies and Cream, Big Smooth is an OG Blueberry descendant with some heavy potential. Dominantly indica, and completely awesome, this strain will lock you to your couch. Be careful, this one is an obliterating, day-ending, gleaming example of Indica dominance. Great for ultimate sedation and stimulating the appetite.


(Cherry Cookies x Double Burger

It sounds like a questionable item on a burger menu, but this is one of the best strains of Cannabis that you will ever get your hands on. It has loads of Cherry Pie’s sweet dankness, and gobs of GMO’s gassy garlickiness. It also carries a potent couch-locking indica buzz that rivals that of our Big Smooth in its ability to pretty much end your day. This strain hits on all levels and has quickly become a new favorite on our farm as it is a truly special strain that all should try.

Cream Pie

(Cherry Pie x Cookies & Cream)

From the first toke to the last, this indica dominant strain is dressed to impress. Coming from the magical Cherry Pie strain and beautiful Cookies and Cream strain, this magnificent flower is deliciously irresistible. Lavishly coated in trichomes, and emanating a pungent gassy aroma, this strain is great for relaxation and sedation, and may cause a feeling of starvation.


(Afghan x Skunk #1)

This papaya scented Indica dominant strain descends from the classics Afghan and Skunk #1, and it is the jackpot. Encompassing the best of both worlds with a nearly 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this strain will both relieve stress and tension, and cause the giggles and munchies. Make sure to try this truly magnificent smoke!