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Big Smooth

(OG Blueberry x Cookies & Cream)

Another strain reigning from Cookies and Cream, Big Smooth is an OG Blueberry ancestor with some heavy potential. Dominantly indica, and completely awesome, this strain will lock you to your couch. Be careful, this one is an obliterating, day-ending, gleaming example of Indica dominance. Great for ultimate sedation and stimulating the appetite.


Cream Pie

(Cherry Pie x Cookies & Cream)

From the first toke to the last, this indica dominant strain is dressed to impress. Coming from the magical Cherry Pie strain and beautiful Cookies and Cream strain, this magnificent flower is deliciously irresistible. Lavishly coated in trichomes, and emanating a pungent gassy aroma, this strain is great for relaxation and sedation, and may cause a feeling of starvation.

Cream & Sugar

(Tina x Cookies & Cream)

Load up, puff down, and check out. Cream & Sugar is a sedative, body numbing indica with many sought after qualities. The buds smell like sweet cookies dipped in a moderate amount of gasoline, and have an alluring musky sweet taste when smoked. After exhaling its silky smooth smoke, you immediately get a rush to head that settles into a full on bandana of tingling sensations all over your head. Shortly after which, you fall into an immobile and tranquil state that is accompanied with euphoria and sedation. 




(Afghan x Skunk #1)

This papaya scented Indica dominant strain descends from the classics Afghan and Skunk #1, and it is the jackpot. Encompassing the best of both worlds with a nearly 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this strain will both relieve stress and tension, and cause the giggles and munchies. Make sure to try this truly magnificent smoke!

Dirty Thirty

(Cookies & Cream x GMO)

Gas and musk hit your nostrils, sweet, delicious, gassy smoke pleases your taste buds, and a nice warm feeling of relaxation envelops your brain as your eyes begin to gradually squint. Dirty Thirty is a delicious and mellowing strain, that is great for taking the edge off and kicking back at the end of the day. If you like flavors of cream and musky gas, indica effects, and organic buds, you won't regret giving this a try. In fact, you'll probably come back for more.

Falcon 9

(Sunset Sherbet x Tina)

Get ready to blast off on loads of sweet, gassy, and creamy flavors, and then drift in to an enlightening, body buzzing, relaxing high. In addition to an intoxicating combination of sweet yet gassy flavors, and a euphoric buzz; Falcon 9 is beautiful, high in THC, and an irresistibly smooth smoke. This strain will quickly become one of your favorites, as it has ours.


(a.k.a Garlic Cookies)

(Chemdawg x GSC)

We are extremely excited to bring you this gasoline laced with garlic smelling, masterpiece of an indica strain. It is not a mystery why this strain acquired the name "Garlic Cookies," it smells straight up like a spicy kitchen and a gas station had a very stinky baby. Then upon inhale the smell comes straight through to the taste, and its a good thing. No, a great thing! Upon exhale you feel extremely relaxed, heavy, and are very happy that you smoked this, once again, masterpiece of an Indica strain.

Grape Milkshake

(Purple Punch x Cookies & Cream)

Much like a bowl of sugary fruity breakfast cereal, Grape Milkshake has a sweet fragrance that carries notes of grape, and a lot of creaminess. The smell carries through to the flavor of the smoke, providing a very 

satisfying experience for your taste buds. The effects are fairly balanced. It 

lightens the mood and is quite relaxing, but is not overly couch locking. Gleaming with trichomes and expressing dark purple hues, its dense nuggets are beautiful. Much like a bowl of fruity breakfast cereal, you'll be coming back for more of its creamy delicious flavor and sweet sense of satisfaction.


Mint Sorbet

(Sunset Octane x Wedding Cake)

GAS! Yes, for all you gas lovers out there, this strain is for you! With the genetics of both Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Cake, this strain has no choice in being awesome, it was predetermined by its parents. With a gassy, minty, earthy profile, this strains smell and flavor profile is f**king awesome! Then, the high... It is relaxing, it is sedating, and it is POTENT! Once again, for those gas heads out there, you won't be able to put this strain down. Try it and you will not be dissappointed by its fantastical qualities.

Purple Portal

(Alien Rift x Ninja Fruit)

Contained within the genetics of Purple Purple are the traits of many legendary strains, which have come together to produce some funky, piney, gassy flower that is an extremely pleasurable smoke. The unique smell and flavor profiles are something that everyone should experience at least once. and if you're into super heavy, couch-locking Indicas you are in for a treat! Almost immediately upon exhale it feels as if someone is stringing weights to your eyelids, and gravity is intensifying by the second. Seriously, you have to try this!