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About Bacon's Buds

We are a family run farm that operates in the hills of Washougal. Working with a close-knit crew of family and friends, we strive to bring the highest quality, most naturally grown cannabis that people can find.

The Crew

The owner is the grower, the facility technician is his brother, the operations and sales managers are his nephews, and the trim crew are friends and family; all of whom love cannabis. From the medicinal qualities to the sight and smell of it, everyone that works here loves what we produce, and it shows in the product.

The Grow

We grow all of our cannabis in certified organic soil. Our soil is teeming with worms and other beneficial organisms that help to keep the soil aerated and well mixed, and prevent pests, eliminating the need for extreme chemical pesticides.


After every crop we test our soil in order to optimally amend nutrients back into it. This both minimizes wasted soil and helps us to grow consistently phenomenal crops.

We water our plants with all natural spring water. The water source is so pure that it comes out of the tap with little to no tracable minerals in it.


Furthermore, all excess water is free of harmful chemicals and drained so that it can be recycled back into its original source, adding to a more sustainable process.

Altogether these pieces converge to create an environment that supports a sustainable ecosystem with thriving beneficial organisms and extremely happy plants that produce the finest cannabis that one can find, grown the way nature intended.

The Facility

We grow in a facility that was built just to produce cannabis. It utilizes ENERGY STAR® rated insulation, water cooled A/C, and LEC vegetation lights for a minimized carbon footprint. We also use state of the art climate control equipment that keeps conditions constantly where we want them all day, every day, further allowing for maximum potential from our plants in yield, potency, and overall quality.

Good Deeds

In addition to trying to run a sustainable operation, we also like to donate to a couple of foundations to do our part globally. These foundations support the conservation of Elephants worldwide (International Elephant Foundation), as well as ocean life worldwide (Oceana Ocean Conservation).

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