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Double Nickel LC*

Double Nickel is a beneficial bacteria, specifically the strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. This bacteria, as do other beneficial bacteria, colonize themselves within the growing ecosystem and outcompete harmful bacteria, preventing them from ever taking hold.

Procidic 2**

Procidic 2 is a natural biofungicide whose primary ingredient is Citric Acid. This one works to prevent and kill harmful fungal networks, such as powdery mildew and bud rot, on the surfaces and interiors of our plants, as well as bolster their immune systems.


Eco-1 is primarily a combination of Linseed, Peppermint, and Thyme oils. They work to prevent the propagation of fungal pathogens and have curative properties for the plants.

Neem Oil*

Neem has a multitude of benefits, ranging from pest eradication and prevention, to fungus and bacteria prevention. It's also commonly found in many cosmetic and hygiene products meant for human use. This one is only applied during the vegetative phase of the plants life. 

Note: No sprays are applied after week 1 of flower, i.e. before any flowers have actually formed. This is is to ensure no sprays are present in our finished flower.

*OMRI Certified for organic production

**WSDA Certified for Organic Production

For the sustainability of our healthy plants, we  implement a regimen of natural oils, healthy  bacteria, beneficial organisms, and natural plant cleansers to prevent any potential pathogens and pests from taking hold in our grow facility. Please read further on to see the specific products we use. 

All of the products that we use are approved by either OMRI or WSDA for use in organic agriculture.

Beneficial Organisms

We employ the use of Cucumeris, Rove Beetles, hypoapsis, and nematodes in our living soil and ecosystem. In short, they all work to do one thing, seek and destroy! By methods of burrowing through the exoskeleton of thier enemies and destroying them from within, to just consuming them whole, these organisms are the super soldiers that keep foreign invaders from ever taking over our garden.


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