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(Lemon Tree x Cookies & Cream)

Emanating a pungent citrusy yet funky smell, and glistening with trichomes, this strain looks and smells amazing. Upon inhale it has a strong sweet citrusy flavor that matches its pungent smell, and packs an uplifting cerebral buzz, that still remains balanced. Altogether these features come together to make this strain truly bonkers. Everyone who gets the chance to, should try this strain.


(Constantine x Cookies & Cream)

From first glance to last puff, you will find this strain stunning. Its long, gleaming trichomes protrude from beautiful purple hued leaves that emanate an essence of musky sweetness. After tasting its lightly sweet and smooth smoke, a warming sensation sets in with a truly enjoyable high that leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric. With consistently high THC results, and such a pleasing smoke, this strain is a must try for true connoisseurs.

Champagne Patties

((Strawberry Cough x Mimosa) x Double Burger)

This one-of-a-kind cross of three great strains, Double Burger, Strawberry Cough and Mimosa, is something to behold. It is a unique strain whose gassy and strawberry sweet notes prevail in both aroma and flavor. Upon first smell and smoke, it kind of leads users into a confusion of how they can be tasting so much gas and fruitiness at the same time, as hardly any flower out there has both of these flavors in such abundance. This confusion is quickly replaced with a strong desire to smoke more, as its balanced uplifting buzz overwhelms the senses with happiness and relaxation; which is something everyone could use more of these days. 


(Clementine x Purple Punch)

You will love this strain. From its pungent aroma of the citrusy effervescent beverage after which its named, to the almost overwhelmingly strong flavor of the same nature, this strain blows the socks off of any who tries it. Along with is unbelievable nose and taste, it also has a nice balanced sativa forward buzz that lifts the mood, and makes you feel like you just drank a, you know what, without all the negative side effects. Its a smoking experience you must try if you like weed, period.

Strawberries & Cream

(Cookies & Cream x Strawberry)

This strain is a cross of Strawberry and Cookies & Cream, which were both named after the delicacies they smell and taste like. Strawberries & Cream is no different, when you crack into these trichome blanketed nugs an aroma reminiscent of Angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream fills your nostrils, and then hits the palate with similar notes when smoked. Everyone should experience the uplifting, relaxing, and delicious qualities of this delectable strain at least once.

Sunset MAC

(MAC x Sunset Sherbet)

Sunset MAC is a wonderful cross of MAC and Sunset Sherbet. With the punchy bright notes of MAC, and the dank gassy notes of Sunset Sherbet, this flower has a unique and excellent flavor that has you coming back for more. Additionally, it has a fantastic high, that combines a slight bit of euphoria with a heavy dose of calm and relaxation. If you're a fan of MAC, and you like Sherbet strains (like Falcon 9), you will absolutely love this strain. 

Terpee Slurpee

(GMO x Orange Zkittlez)

An adequately named strain, that is an explosion of sweet fruity terps accompanied by a hint of gassy funk. It reigns from the superb strains of Orange Zkittlez and GMO. While dominant in sweet fruity flavors, a subtle funk of GMO rounds out this strain in both taste and effect. Its balanced buzz is great for early evening or night time, as it both uplifts and relaxes, without too much heaviness.

The Future

(GG #4 x Starfighter)

What am I doing with my life? Is the question that many have found asking themselves after smoking this balanced but unnecessarily strong hybrid. This strain has a sweet and almost peachy smell, reminiscent of cobbler and other baked goods, and is unbelievably frosty. The Future is also a great strain for those looking to get to that place you used to get to when you first started smoking weed, and you weren't sure if you liked it because you were so high that you got that weird slightly paranoid feeling. If you're reading this, thanks for hanging in there, isn't Cannabis wonderful these days? Welcome to The Future!


(Tropicanna Cookies x GMO)

Welcome to the balanced hybrid strain that is Tropsanto. While the Indica effects of GMO may have been slightly mellowed out by the Tropicanna Cookies, to produce an incredibly relaxing but not overly sedative high, the pungent garlicky fuel of the GMO has not really been mellowed out at all. Then on top of being perhaps the ultimate in relaxing balanced strains, this one is also gorgeous. With wild, brightly purple tinted calyxes that produce a unique bud structure, and no shortage of trichomes, Tropsanto is a sight to behold. On top of all that, it packs a notably high THC content. Overall, there isn't really anything this strain is missing when it comes to the relaxing hybrid category.