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Legend of


(Legend OG x Nigerian)

Full of citrusy gas aroma and flavor, Legend of Nigeria is a strong and smile inducing Sativa. From smell to taste, the sour citrus and diesel are intense in this flower, as is its energetic, body and mind buzzing high. In the right dose, this strain's effects are great for the daytime, and is the right smoke for getting any task done. In larger doses it sends a vibration of energy throughout the body that definitely makes it hard to sit still, and is more appropriate for hiking or other physical activities. Either way you take it, this strain is for the true Sativa heads out there.

Mango Haze (CBD)

((Northern Lights x Skunk) x Haze)

If you're into the effects of CBD strains, and love a flavorful smoke, then Mango Haze might be the strain for you. Usually testing about 2:1 in CBD to THC, this strain is definitely great for those who are in need of a little focus and relaxation, whether it be during the day or night. Further, the bursting mango flavor that comes from its flower makes it a truly pleasurable smoking experience for all. Even if you've never tried a CBD strain that you've liked, you should give this one a shot, as it is a truly magnificent strain.